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In addition to managing risk and operations for innovative, leading asset management firms, I build on a career of evaluating pooled investment vehicles (hedge funds and private equity) from a risk perspective. Previously, I worked inside hedge funds and institutional managers specializing in quantitative techniques, risk management, and strategy.

Recently I was the Chief Operating Officer at Twin Focus Capital Partners, a multi-family office in Boston where I was instrumental to its global expansion. In this role I provided input to the strategic direction for the firm and managed all of the operations including launching new pooled vehicles, developing and implementing a new compliance program, as well as overhauling all the HR policies and procedures ensuring compliance and reducing risk. Additionally, I oversaw key IT projects including cloud migration, CRM implementation, accounting deployments and all cyber security initiatives.

Prior to that, in a lead research role for Freeman Associates, I served as a subject matter expert on volatility and risk-first portfolio construction. I built quantitative investment models and designed new products using hedged strategies including small-cap value, mega-cap, large-cap completion, and a guaranteed minimum return fund.

I have also had the opportunity to work at the SEC where I led teams of examiners and specialists evaluating private equity and hedge fund advisors, leveraging knowledge of securities laws, changes to regulations, and trends and news in the industry.

Overall, across my career I have a strong track record in operations oversight and success in applying technology to manage both financial and operation risk. This is coupled with entrepreneurial experience building out processes and infrastructure to support rapid growth.